By Anna Khan

Januari 2006

We are in habit to believe what we see, hear, smell or touch and easily reject whatever is beyond the reach of our senses. Totally and entirely enslaved by the materialistic world we have forgotten to sense what is "Beyond the senses".

One can see and read Aura around living and non-living objects. Once we silence our thoughts, with complete stillness in our mind and perfect silence in our heart, we can see - bright, grey, dark, clean, weak or dull aura.

Aura of human beings and aura of plants, stones, rivers, sea or mountains. A certain degree of emerge with the object is required, once we gain it, a high level of awareness surround us and all that was hardly detectable become visible to the eye.

A whole New World, a new reality exposes and that is a beginning of new Era  - An era of clarity. There happens shifts of emphasise and we find us dealing with thoughts, emotions, intentions, consciousness, and the language of dreams and light.

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